Outdoors and Landmarks

Explore the great outdoors and landmarks of Indianapolis that share the cities history and culture. Here we have listed some of the best outdoor activities when in Indianapolis, most of which are free:

The Indiana State Capitol

The state government completed their move from Southern Indiana's Corydon in 1888 to what is now the heart of down-town Indianapolis. Featuring Italian renaissance, Greek, and Corinthian design, the building is made from Indiana limestone with an amazing German stained glass window. You may even see the government at work. Entry is free and you can take guided or personal tours.


Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument

The famous statue right in the centre of the city was built in 1902 and is only slightly shorter than the Statue of Liberty. The artwork depicts Civil War battles and freed slaves and Miss Liberty faces South, protecting the North from the Confederacy. The Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War museum is in the basement and you can take a ride up to the top of the tower to look out over the city. This is a prime spot for people watching. Free entry and free parking on the circle.


Indiana War Memorial

Slightly north of down-town Indianapolis, this neoclassical memorial features an incredible performance/lecture hall and a war museum documenting all US wars. Free entry, pay for parking.


Scottish Rite Cathedral

Close to the Indiana War Memorial is the architectural splendor of the world's biggest Scottish Rite cathedral with hand-crafted art glass windows, a massive pipe organ and a floating dance floor. Take a tour to explore it all and learn about the mystery of Freemasonry. Free entry.

Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis zoo incorporates White River State Park, with over three acres of gardens and pathways along the White River and the Hilbert Conservatory. The zoo has an underwater dolphin viewing dome, a shark touch tank a multitude of animals to view plus a petting zoo. There are talks throughout the day about different animals.


Crown Hill Cemetery

10 minutes north of Crown Hill Cemeterydown-town this is the third largest cemetery in the United States. Tours explore the Gothic Chapel and Waiting Station from the late 1800s and famous grave sites. You can also pick up a map at the office for free and explore the cemetery by foot, car or bike. Hundreds of soldiers are buried in a beautiful war burial ground. Free entry.

The Down-town Canal Walks

downtownOutdoor activities also include a popular 3-mile loop walk through meticulous landscaping, a number of fountains, a pedestrian bridge and the White River State Park where down-town professionals get fresh air on their lunch break.

Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial

On the west-side of down-town, this monument is part of White River State Park that pays tribute to over 3 thousand Medal of Honor recipients from Civil War through to current conflicts. With twenty-seven curved glass walls, each 2–3 meters high and etched with the names of the fallen, it is a breathtaking sight, particularly at night.